Remembering the South of France

In the depths of this deep freeze that is Winter 2014, I find myself reminiscing about this time I went to the south of France.


I was only there for 4 days visiting my aunt and uncle who had temporarily settled in a small hill village called Sablet.



Vacationing in the south of France is truly like being in a movie. Driving around in the sun, buying wine straight from the vineyards, eating croque monsieur (pretty much a ham and cheese grilled sandwich) … heaven.


P1050301_2We visited an ancient Roman Theatre in Orange… the highlight for me, a (then) student of Greek and Roman Studies!



Provence is full of of absolutely gorgeous cities and buildings! None is more beautiful than Avignon. The Papal Palace is the singularly most impressive building I’ve ever seen. My facts are rusty, but basically there was a period of time where this French guy disagreed with the Pope in the Vatican and said, “I’m Pope now!” and built a palace for the French papacy in Avignon. Though he didn’t do the greatest job with the papacy, he did a fantastic job with the palace.


P1050524_2If I could, I would go back tomorrow. Anyone feel like paying for my ticket to France?