25 Things I Thought I Would Have Achieved by 25

This one’s ALL ABOUT ME.

On the eve of my 25th birthday, I can’t help but think about what “25” has symbolized to me in the decade leading up to it. For the many of you thinking “But you’re still so young!” – think of it from my perspective: this is the oldest I’ve ever been! My intention here is not to whine, but to remark on the perception of “25” I have held for most of my teens and early 20’s. The long and short of it is, in my mind, I feel like I should already be more of a grown up!

The 25 Things I Thought I Would Have Achieved by 25:

1. An Adult Job

I have had a lot of difficulty with getting jobs in the past year, as documented by this post.

Perhaps this was naïve of me, but I always thought that by 25 I would have a decent grasp on what I wanted to do – or at least be on the path towards some sort of greatness.

Instead I have felt more often like Marshall from How I Met Your Mother. 

Except he, at least, gets interviews.


2. Irresistible Good-Looks

Ok, so this is absolutely naïve, but every time in my early twenties I ate half a cake, or decided to have nachos for dinner AGAIN, I always thought to myself, “This is ok, when I’m older I’ll know better and I’ll be fit and sexy.” That hasn’t happened yet. Also, subjectivity plays a heavy hand, as I’m beginning to learn.

Photo on 13-09-08 at 2.39 PM #3

3. A Life

I have had a life in the past. When I moved countries twice and I think I must have dropped it out the window over the Atlantic Ocean. I’m not a strong enough swimmer to go looking for it, so I have to start from scratch. As a 25 year-old, back living with my parents, with a lot of student debt and low income, this feels like a daunting task. But the process has happily begun!

4. My Own Place

I am so lucky to have the parents I have. I love them, and if they hadn’t offered to house me during this period of my life, I would have been stuck in Edinburgh at my terrible job that was sucking out my soul. But at this point in my life, I thought I would at least be independent enough to have my own place.

5. Love


You can’t hurry love, no, you just have to wait.

6. Independence

This requires many ingredients. One of which is money.

7. Financial Stability and Debt-Free Status

I think this goes hand-in-hand with the desire for an adult-job, or maybe it will never be? I worked so much the past year, especially in Edinburgh, and it made me even more financially unstable than I ever have been. It was a terrifying glimpse into how some people (which could still include me I suppose) live their whole lives. I don’t know why, but I thought my student loans would just magically disappear with all the money I was going to suddenly come into.

Most awful and pajama-looking uniform ever!

Most awful and pajama-looking uniform ever!

8. The Perfect Wardrobe

I expected to have a perfect grasp of what I look good in, in synthesis with current trends. I still, however, occasionally commit fashion faux-pas!

9. Freedom

Again, this has a bit to do with money. Specifically, I would love to have a car and just be able to drive wherever, whenever.

This would be good too.

This would be good too.

10. Happiness

I understand now that happiness isn’t something you ‘achieve’. It’s not an equation: a + b = happiness; happiness is fluid and constantly in flux from day to day, hour to hour. I believe “being happy” means that your flux remains in the happiness range more often than not – that is a good place to be. I want to go to there.

11. More Travel

I suppose that would require money. Or I need to take my own budget travel advice. I guess I can wait!

12. A Reclaimed Youth

Actually, I guess this HAS happened a bit…

13. Stability

 This will come – I hope!

14. Better Habits

Waking up earlier, eating less cheesy popcorn, watching less tv. These things are in the early stages of happening. Also, the past 3 months I’ve written a weekly To-Do list. I know I’m capable of a lot in very little time, but I’m one of the most lazy and scatterbrained people I know. A To-Do list helps focus me.

15. Acceptance of Mortality and Old-Age

I put this on my To-Do list last week. I wasn’t able to check it off.

16. Perfect Health

I have started eating much healthier (except for the cheesy popcorn) and it feels amazing! My insides sing and I don’t feel heavy or bloated as often. Health is a fluid state and can never really be “achieved” without continuous maintenance (and lots of fluids – ha). But I could certainly have it much worse!

 17. Cool Gadgets

Again, a thing remedied by money. However I just got upgraded by my network to a Galaxy s3 so I shouldn’t complain!

 18. A Following

I am very grateful to the handful of people who read my blog. Please continue and share with your friends!!!

19. A Novel

It’s in the works, but I was hoping to have some sort of significant accomplishment in this area by 25.

 20. The Opposite of Loneliness

I have lovely, amazing friends. BUT NONE OF THEM LIVE NEAR ME. I miss them, and I have only just begun to meet people in my new home.

My 23rd birthday

My 23rd birthday in Victoria, BC

 21. Perfect Skin

I’m not a teenager anymore! When do pimples stop??

 22. Even Longer Hair

How long does that shit take to grow?

 23. An Understanding of What My Body Needs

I know I have a gluten issue, but there’s something else ripping my insides to shreds. It better not be dairy or I will cry forever (I love cheese).

24. Success

I have always been fairly successful, and I guess this last year of non-success has brought me off my pedestal. Perhaps that will be a good thing!

 25. An Idea About What to do in My Late-Twenties, and Goals for Thirty

My Identity is largely based in my youth. I KNOW I’m still young, and, for now, I’m grateful for that. Yet, I also know that I have to start thinking of myself as an adult who needs to start planning for the future – or at least thinking about planning for the future! This is a step I’m not sure I’m ready to take, but I’m afraid to avoid it any longer.

I find it funny how we seem to project increased wisdom and general betterness onto our future selves; it always seems to end up being in a different way from what we expect.

I should say that these are all things that are in progress. Even since I started writing this post a several weeks ago, things have begun to turn around! Of course, at the end of this, I have shifted all of these expectations onto “30.” That’s healthy, right?

Getting Lost in Venice, Italy


Having studied Greek and Roman Ancient History in University, you’d think that I would have made it a point to visit some of the places I’ve studied. As it’s happened, though, I have not yet had the opportunity to accomplish this. I HAVE, however, had the absolute pleasure of visiting one of Europe’s most unique cities: Venice. Rich in history in it’s own right, Venice is as untouched by modernity as is imaginable in today’s Europe.


Venice has long dominated the top of my “Where To Go” list, and for me, it did not disappoint. I have heard accounts of other travellers’ disappointment with Venice: it’s too hot, it stinks, it floods, it’s too busy, too expensive.


Through a wondrous coincidence of timing and good weather, however, I had none of these negative experiences. It was April – warm but not so hot that it was inescapable nor the cause of the famous canal stink. Also, it was late enough in the Spring, that any residual winter flooding had dried up.




As for being too expensive, well that IS inescapable. My travel partner and I remedied that my buying cheese and crackers from a grocery store as often as we could stand, and we stayed away from the Grand Canal as much as possible (that’s the really touristy area – not that any part of Venice isn’t touristy!).

Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco

Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge

The best part about Venice was getting lost. On purpose.

Italian Job site??

Italian Job site??

Getting lost, you see the people who actually live there, and it’s an odd lifestyle that doesn’t fit into our westernized, modern idea of everyday life. Laundry lines stretch across canals three stories up, front doors with no doorstep – just boat access, and you can be in a completely deserted, silent alley and turn the corner only to be bowled over by a huge crowd. Surreal.






The population of Venice is predominantly Roman Catholic, and as a result, my travel partner and I kept getting asked by locals we spoke with, “How long have you two been married?” Awkward “umm”s and “ahh”s followed each time.  Apparently a young man and woman travelling together MUST be married – or at least engaged. Super old school!


An entire island graveyard - no photos allowed!

An entire island graveyard – no photos allowed!

Our only unpleasant experience was getting kicked out of a restaurant because we didn’t order drinks with our dinner… but I’m sure that was unique to that one restaurant!

I was truly entranced with the whole place and I would go back there in a heartbeat! Also, gelato!


Super, Natural British Columbia

Yup, that’s what the BC motto is!

Having just booked a trip to BC in October to attend a wedding, I find myself getting excited to see all the sights I used to call home!

Here are some nostalgic and beautiful pictures of the most wonderful place on earth!

Saltspring Island

Saltspring Island

Saltspring Island

Saltspring Island

Powell River

Powell River

Powell River

Powell River

Warship graveyard, Powell River

Warship graveyard, Powell River

Near Parksville, Vancouver Island

Near Parksville, Vancouver Island

Quallicum Beach, Vancouver Island

Quallicum Beach, Vancouver Island

Looking onto Brentwood Bay and Mt Baker (I think), Vancouver Island

Looking onto Brentwood Bay and Mt Baker (I think), Vancouver Island

Brentwood Bay, Vancouver Island

Brentwood Bay, Vancouver Island

Sooke, Vancouver Island

Sooke, Vancouver Island

Victoria Inner Harbour, Vancouver Island

Victoria Inner Harbour, Vancouver Island



So stoked!!

Have you ever been to BC? Where is your favourite place?


Snapshot of Dawlish, Devon


Located in the UK near Exeter on the south coast of Devon, Dawlish is a brightly painted, extremely small, sunny stop on the coastal railway.


P1040650_2P1040652_2 Though not necessarily a town worthy of “primary destination” status, if you’re in the area (or riding the train along the coast), it’s a cute wee place to have a quick walk around.


P1040682_2P1040686_2P1040670_2 Down the centre of town is a river that doubles as a kind of bird sanctuary.


The infamous Dawlish black swans.

The Dawlish black swans.

This ugly guy.

This magnificent dude.

And don't you dare disturb the river! Cedric patrols vehemently.

And don’t you dare disturb the river! Cedric patrols vehemently.

There’s a small possibly that Dawlish actually exists in a portal in time, where once you ascend from the raised train station platform, you step back several decades. My limited evidence:

Not so latent racism and misunderstandings of racial prejudices. I was too afraid to take a picture of the store that sells only golliwogs.

Misunderstandings of racial stereotypes. I was too afraid to take a picture of the store that sells only golliwogs.

Dated insistence on a product's "stylishness" to entice skeptical buyers.

Dated insistence on a product’s “stylishness” to entice any skeptical buyers. Also, holy cheap prices!

Certainly a curious place.

Has anyone else been to Dawlish? Did you see a different side of it?

HMS Warrior and HMS Victory in Portsmouth

One for the History and Boat-Lovers!

I know one or two people who could probably do a better job to this topic than me, but I’ll do my best.

Portsmouth, located in Hampshire, England, is the home of two very cool old ships.


The HMS Warrior: an armoured frigate that never saw real action since it was rendered obsolete pretty much as soon as it was finished being built. Not great for the British Navy in the 1800’s, but great for history nerds and/or maritime enthusiasts! It’s in almost PERFECT condition.


If I knew stuff about this stuff, then I could tell you more stuff.

If I knew stuff about this stuff, then I could tell you more stuff.

As far as I know, the brass lines on the deck are like tracks for the cannons! Pretty cool!

As far as I know, the brass lines on the deck are like tracks for the cannons! Pretty cool!

Staring down the barrel of the gun... no fear!

Staring down the barrel of the gun… no fear!

This ship is big. I'm not sure how big, but too big for me to steer on my own!

This ship is big. I’m not sure how big, but too big for me to steer on my own!

The HMS Victory: a 104-gun ship of the line – the stuff history and fantasy is made of! Currently in dry dock, this is bar far the coolest ship (I believe the condition of this beauty is such that it would collapse under its own weight if ever again it was put to sail).


Dry docks are seriously the coolest things!!

Dry docks are seriously the coolest things!!

You can’t talk about the Victory without mentioning Lord Nelson. Nelson commanded aboard the Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, and was famously shot mid-battle. When he died, his crew preserved his body for transportation back to England by placing him in a barrel of some kind of alcohol. There’s a nasty rumour (or perhaps it’s touching if you’re not disturbed by these things), that the crew all had a toast to Nelson and drank the liquor their Lord’s body rested in. Gross.



I’m not sure what else Portsmouth has to offer, but if you like boats, it’s certainly worth a quick visit!