Edinburgh: First Impressions of a City

As a daughter of a talented photographer, I love taking photos.

Check her out at http://www.suzannefitz.com

Upon my arrival in Edinburgh, therefore, I went a bit photo-mad. It’s interesting for me to look back on these photos to see what I found interesting/meaningful before knowing anything about the city. Regardless, Edinburgh is a stunningly beautiful city that everyone should put on their travel itinerary.

The Old Town of Edinburgh is, as the name suggests, the older sector of the city. The most well known part of the Old Town is the Royal Mile:


The Royal Mile is so named as it is the road that connects Edinburgh Castle with Holyrood Palace (Holyrood Palace being the Queen’s residence when she visits the city).




The Old Town is beautiful not just because of the architecture, but because it’s multi-level. Pretty cool.



The castle looms over both the Old and New Towns



Looking over at the New Town from the Castle plateau. The sea, the sea!

Looking over at the New Town from the Castle plateau. The sea, the sea!

I almost prefer the New Town since from it, you can see the beauty of the Old Town



One of the most gorgeous parts of the New Town is Waverly Station, with the Balmoral Hotel perched atop it.



There are three very special parts of Edinburgh that make this city unlike most other big European cities. The first is the Princes Street Gardens right smack dab in the middle of the city centre.



P1080251 - Version 2


This last photo is a war-through-the-ages memorial in Princes Street gardens. The first panel depicts men on horses with spears, and each panel shows increasingly modern forms of warfare.

Another special feature of the city is Calton Hill. It’s my favourite as there’s a half-built Parthenon at it’s summit. The structure is not finished because the city began to build it as a testament to Edinburgh’s artistic and cultural achievements, “The Athens of the North”. The city ran out of money before they could finish it.


Third is Arthur’s Seat. This is a mini-mountain that the city wraps itself around, and it’s a popular local hiking spot. It is higher than any point in the city and provides absolutely stunning views.





Even in the usual grey fog of winter, Edinburgh is a truly beautiful city to explore and experience 🙂


About amblingalana

Just a Canadian girl who abandoned British Columbia to try her luck in Bonnie Scotland. Feminist, long-term travel enthusiast, aspiring writer.

One response to “Edinburgh: First Impressions of a City

  1. Suzanne

    Love your Photos Alana!! can’t wait to visit Edinburgh again.

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